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Soteria Survival


Learn the simple Soteria Survival Strategy To Protect Your Best Life

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Transform Your Body Into Your Greatest Weapon For Self-Defense And Fitness

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Experience Your First Breakthrough to Live In Your Most Confident And Empowered Mindset

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" I have this confidence that I don't feel I ever had. This is so much more than self-defense."

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The Method

The Soteria Method Is A Unique Practise of Creating, Living & Protecting A Life You Love.

The Method

The Method Is :
  • Authentic
  • Feminine
  • Realistic
  • Effective
  • Retainable
  • Adaptive
Meet Avital

Meet the creator and founder of The Soteria Method™ and learn her empowering story.

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The Soteria Method is available in Digital, Print, Live Training and Instructor Certifications.


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See you in the method

See you in the method