Day Two (Tactic 2/2)

Quick Facts

Fundamental Tactic To Stand Up.

If you find yourself defending on the ground, you want to safely work your way back to standing the moment that it’s possible. In order to do this effectively, you need to be able to get up in a way that disengages you from the threat and minimizes any moments of vulnerability.

Use this tactic to get back to your feet as soon as it is safe to do so.

How To

Below is a step-by-step breakdown.


Step 1

Start in a seated position with your combative leg extended in front of you. Place the same-side hand as the combative leg flat on the ground behind and slightly to the side of you. The opposite leg should be bent with your foot flat on the ground, and that hand should be up by your face in the Survival upper body position.


Step 2

Raise your hips to the ceiling to help create the space that your leg will need to land in your Survival Stance base. You will twist slightly through this movement so that the hip of your supporting leg will point up, while the hip of your combative leg is closer to the ground.


Step 3

Bend your knee and drive your kicking leg backward so that it is behind your supporting hand on the ground, and plant your foot.


Step 4

Once your foot is flat on the ground, raise your chest to return to your full Survival Stance with both hands protecting your face, and ready to engage in combatives or to run and escape.


Drill 1

Practice your Safety Get-Up at a slower speed.



Drill 2

Practice your Safety Get-Up at a faster speed.