Instructor Certification

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Welcome this Soteria Method certification program. The Shadow Certification is designed to transform you into a fitness instructor who can instruct Shadow Fitness Classes. Below is a breakdown of the program and the principles behind this special community of trainers.

About The Soteria Method

The Soteria Method is a unique practice of self-defense, fitness and self-discovery. All of the method’s products, programs, and services are designed to help others develop the personal practice of creating, living and protecting a life they love (how the method defines self-defense).

Keeping it simple

This class is all about simplicity. The strikes are simple to learn, the combos are simple in their configuration and the beat of the workout stays consistent. A student should be able to do this kind of workout 2-4 times a week.

Fitness As a tool

The method utilizes multiple tools to help it’s practitioner’s reach an authentic stage of safety, health and empowerment. Fitness stands as a pillar of transformation and plays a significant role in helping someone reach optimal levels of health - both physically and mentally. When you get in better shape you significantly improve:

  • Overall mood

  • Weight management

  • Conditioning (especially for self-defense)


Shadow is the self-defense inspired non-contact conditioning workout. It features striking combinations fused with full body exercises.


Shadow is unique because it features specific strikes in a specific combo format. Its simplicity allows for a student to truly transform and build muscle memory. There is also a huge emphasis placed on the mindset of each workout.

What is INCLUDED IN the certification?

Phase 1: The Strikes
Phase 2: The Combos
Phase 3: The Workout
Phase 4: The Class
Phase 5: The Brand