Instructor Certification

Phase 1: The Basics

Before you begin striking, it is important that you establish a strong base and foundation in the fundamentals of combatives.

  1. Fight/Survival Stance

  2. Tactical Traveling

  3. Squat

  4. Lunge

  5. Push Up

  6. Plank

  7. Sit-Up

Phase 2: The Strikes

Shadow highlights specific Signature strikes. A level 1 Shadow instructor will learn the following:

  1. Push Kick

  2. Rear Kick

  3. Side Kick

  4. Knee

  5. Jab

  6. Cross

  7. Hook

  8. Upper Cut

  9. Elbow

  10. Slips

  11. Palm Strikes

  12. Hammer Fists

  13. Ground Push Kick

  14. Ground Side Kick

  15. Ground Rear Kick

Phase 3: The Combos

When it comes to designing your workout, you will need to understand how to do create and perform striking combinations. Striking combinations are simply a sequence of strikes. For Shadow workouts, your combinations will have to fit in a specific sequence of beats so that it works with the music and can be repeated over and over again. As a phase 1 instructor, you will be given signature combinations.

Phase 4: The Workouts

Shadow Workouts are striking inspired full body conditioning routines. Below is a typical structure:

Part 1: Increase Heart Rate
Part 2: Dynamic Full Body Stretch
Part 3: Warm-Up Featured Strikes
Part 4: Combo 1
Part 5: Combo 2
Part 6: Combo 3
Part 7: Combo 4
Part 8: Body Burn
Part 9: Cool Down Stretch

Part 1: Warm-Up
Part 2: Strike-Up
Part 3: Combos
Part 4: Cool Down

Class Prep

  • Time: Arrive 10 minutes before

  • Welcome Message: Welcome class, ask if anyone is new? Is anyone injured?

  • Music: Select and prepare music (130-140 Beats per minute)

  • Have a head-set ready

The Brand

Understand how to build yourself up as an instructor in your area. We are dedicated to building the personal brands of our instructors:

  1. Online listing & referral program

  2. Social Media marketing material

  3. Social Media pages feature

  4. Milestone features (number of classes, number of years being part of the community)

The Certification Test

Part 1: Demonstrate a strikeshop
Part 2: Run a whole class
Part 3: Present social media posts