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A comprehensive digital safety compliance software for corporations, colleges, and high schools.

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About The Program

The Soteria Safety Curriculum is an online training software that allows HR managers to run employees through digital safety training on the topics of General Safety (Hard Target training) and Sexual Harassment Prevention/Reporting. Positioned as an annual training program, featured courses have been making a significant, measurable and tangible difference to the safety and empowerment of community members around the world. Below is a breakdown of our Annual Safety Training program that can be offered at the corporate, college and high school levels.


Program Benefits

Our Annual Safety Program provides the following benefits:

  • Prepare Compliance - Prepare the company to meet legal safety compliance requirements 

  • Reduce Liability - Reduce employer’s risk of liability against sexual harassment & violence lawsuits 

  • Business Interruption - Reduce costs and financial impact of lost-time due to turnover and absenteeism

  • Empower - Authentically empower employees through safety training 

  • Improve - Improve employee morale

  • Foster Safety - Fostering channels of safe communication and reporting to Human Resources

How It Works

Our compliance based safety programs are offered on a digital interactive platform, as well as instructor-led courses (if requested, but not required). Below is the breakdown of how our annual online compliance program works. It is recommended that a company complete the online training once a year to meet the compliance standards of their local laws.


Step 1
Set Up Courses & Run Dates

A Soteria Method rep will set-up the desired course run dates for employees. Once the course dates are selected (usually a 7-21 day period), the company HR manager will send out a company wide memo informing employees of the course run dates. In the memo, the corporate Sexual Harassment Company Policy will be attached (to begin meeting compliance requirements) - consultations are available on the Sexual Harassment Policy.


Step 2
Upload Users

The organization will assign a company representative (usually the head of Human Resources) to quickly setup and manage the employees/groups in the organization. Employees will receive an email notification to get access to and log into their personal portal.


Employees Complete Training

Employees will be able to complete their training during their run dates on their desktop, laptop and mobile devices. They will be given quizzes, digital activities, anonymous forms and chapter milestones to complete before they can download their certificate of completion.


Step 4
Download Progress & Completion Report

The HR rep will be able to view the progress of each employee throughout the course run dates. At the end of the run dates, the manager will be able to download a progress report for the whole organization.


Step 5
Employee Insights

After the course run dates, your Soteria Method rep will provide employee insights to inform you of the anonymous form results. This valuable report will provide the company with an insight into the workplace environment as it relates to safety, assault and harassment.

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The Soteria Method® is a world renown safety organization that specializes in simple and effective solutions to combat sexual assault, bullying and violence within the community. The Soteria Method® has been featured in news outlets around the world including Fox News, Good Morning America, Today Show, The New York Times, The Guardian, Business Insider + many more. It has also been endorsed from corporate executives to celebrities including Kerri Russell and Amanda Seyfried.