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It is recommended to go through this introduction once before beginning the program.

About This Guide

This is an entry level striking guide based on our signature program. You will have a chance to master the fundamentals and begin to experience how powerful you can be one strike at a time. Please note that this guide is not a full self-defense program or solution, even though using the strikes in this guide properly can help protect you against an attacker. You can also use this training guide to improve your striking form for fitness (such as cardio kickboxing).

Before you go any further...

"This method does not work for you, it works with you".

What you put in is what you are going to get out. Here are my simple tips to make the most out of this guide: 

Tip 1 - Read through the intro at least once. 
Tip 2 - Warm-Up before every session.
Tip 3 - Commit to following your training schedule.
For example, if you commit to doing one day at a time, make sure you show up every day.
Tip 4 -
Repeat the 11-day guide to get better and better.
Tip 5 - Believe in yourself (most important ingredient) and strike through the challenging moments.

How It Works

This is an 11-day beginner training guide.

Please note that each day has been designed to build on the previous day.

Trust the 11-day process and avoid skipping around to get the full benefit. 

When it comes to completing each day of material, all you have to do is schedule and show up to your daily session and complete two training targets: 

Target 1 - Watch the demo videos of the tactics (you will be given different angles) 
Target 2 - Complete the Education Section (includes reading intro, doing the step-by-step breakdowns and completing the drills) 

Recommendation - I highly recommend doing this guide in front of a mirror at the beginning so that you can visually confirm you are molding your body and doing the movements correctly.