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Weapons Of Fitness

Complimentary Experience

Welcome to your Weapons Of Fitness (WOF) complimentary experience. WOF is the workout that could save your life, and this tutorial will allow you to learn one of the life saving exercises. This exercises is my Self-defense burpee and will show you how to lock in your Personal Survival Stance.


Simplicity Is Survival | Review

Simplicity Is Survival: How -To-SD -Burpee (1 Repetition)

  • Step 1: Start in Survival Stance
  • Step 2: Drop Down
  • Step 3: Sprawl Both Legs out
  • Step 4: Return from the sprawl position into your Survival Stance

Training Challenge: 

  • Physical: Lock in muscle memory of your Survival Stance by returning to your stance the exact same and correct way each time
  • Mental: Focus on preparing a stance that you can defend yourself down, instead of focusing on how many repetitions you have left.

Please note that this is sample Weapons of Fitness exercise that is integrated in the workouts. If you would like to challenge yourself, see how many you can do in 1 minute and you can use this result in your Weapons of Fitness Workout Program. If you would like to learn your proper Survival Training Stances, please click below.