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This is more than just a workout, this is a mind/body connection—a reminder that you can strike through anything.

Welcome Message


Thank you for starting this fitness journey with me.

As a survivor of violence and sexual assault, I turned to self-defense as a way to overcome trauma in a positive and healthy way. During that time in my life, I started giving my workouts a striking twist and I never looked back. The empowerment I felt from these workouts gave me the confidence to do the right thing, get fit and fight for my recovery. I have created this workout guide to share the same workouts that have truly empowered me.

Even years later, these workouts allow me to:

Have fun again
When you fuse classic fitness exercises with a striking twist, you give your mind the opportunity to focus on movements with meaning and it can make the workout so much fun—as opposed to just wanting the rep count to finish.

Feel Empowered
These workouts are such a powerful reminder that I am capable of striking through anything when I believe in myself. Each strike makes me feel like I can create a life I love and fight to protect it.

Love my body
After feeling like I was never enough for industry standards, I finally decided to stop allowing others to define my beauty and worth. I shifted my focus to what my body could do, as opposed to how “lean it was” or my “Hip/Waist/Chest Ratio.” Each strike showed me that I was capable of anything if I chose to believe in myself—and that I could strike through negative/limiting perceptions that brought my spirit down. This shift in focus is what took me beyond my inner critic so that my natural confidence could come out and remind me that physical beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and our inner beauty is really what shines.

About This Guide

This is cycle 1 of our 6-week workouts series. Cycle 1 is designed to ease you into workouts that have a striking twist. The strikes featured in this cycle are included in our 11-Day Beginner Striking Guide. To make the most of this workout, make sure you learn each strike offered in our 11-Day guide.

Before you go any further...

"This method does not work for you, it works with you."
What you put in is what you are going to get out. Here are my simple tips to make the most out of this guide: 

Tip 1: Schedule
Schedule your workouts in advance. I recommend considering to follow the schedule above, but do what is best for your lifestyle.


Tip 2: Warm-Up
Warm-Up before every session. It is so important to get your body ready to workout so you prevent injuries and make the most of your workout. You will be given a video for this.

Tip 3: Cool Down
Take advantage of a calming cool-down and stretch after each workout. You will be given a workout for this.

Tip 4: Choose To Believe In Yourself
This is honestly the most important ingredient. Choose to commit to showing up and getting through the workout. Do what you can, and understand that there WILL be days that you don’t want to train, or your mind has every excuse in the book. In those moments, remind yourself that:

If you want it, you will find a way.
If you don’t, you will find an excuse

How It Works


Striking Workouts per week

3 Striking Workouts per week

Cardio Sessions per week

2 Cardio Sessions per week

1 Core Session (on repeat)

1 Core Session (on repeat)


0 Excuses

3 Striking workouts
These are your 30 minutes workouts with a striking twist.
Each workout has a different focus to help you transform your body. They are the following:

Workout 1 - Lower Body Focus
Workout 2 - Upper Body Focus
Workout 3 - Full Body Focus

There are 30 rounds of intervals. You are active (doing the exercise) for up to 45 seconds, and taking a 15 second break to complete the round. You will hear bells to notify you whether to do reps or rest.

Note for Beginners
Even though the active time is set to 45 seconds, you can start by doing what you can (perhaps doing 30 seconds on, and 30 seconds off) until you work your way up to 45 seconds.

Below is a quick snapshot of the Active Vs. Rest video design.


One more thing, make sure to look out for (R) or (L) near the Exercise Name. (R) represents doing the exercise on the Right Side of the body, and (L) represents doing the exercise on the Left Side of the body. It’s important to practice both sides of everything you do for physical symmetry, overall agility and muscle memory.

2 Cardio Sessions
In addition to the 3 workouts, you are encouraged to do 2 cardio sessions a week (30-40 minutes) or any other workout or activity you enjoy. I am a huge supporter of people doing what they enjoy (life is short!) so get active by doing what you love!

Here are some suggestions:

Outdoor walk (beach, forest, trail, etc.)
Going for a hike
Bike Ride or Spin Class
Yoga or Pilates Class
Dance Class
Cardio kickboxing (my favorite!)
Going for a jog
Gardening (but it has to give you a sweat!)
Playing a game of Tennis, or any sport

You get the point!

1 Core Burn Routine
I have included a Core Burn Routine that you can do on repeat. I recommend doing it twice a week.

0 Excuses
Again, I am getting straight to the point - If you want it, you will find a way, if you don’t you will find an excuse.

Transformation Submission

We would love to see your physical transformations whether it’s you improving your striking capabilities, or sculpting your body. Here are the submission recommendations!

Documenting your physical transformation

  1. Take a photo before the 6-week program

  2. Take a photo at the 3-week mark

  3. Take a photo at the end of the 6-week program

  4. If you are doing 2 or 3 rounds of this 6-week program, please take photos at the same milestones above

  5. Wear the same thing if possible

  6. Take the photos first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

  7. Weigh yourself just to see what happens (but remember, this is not our top indicator of change)

Submitting Your Photos

  1. Please upload your before and after images on instagram and tag @AvitalZeisler & #strikewithavital so we can find you quickly!

  2. We will repost your pictures and message!